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Graphic Design company

Having the right graphic design company on your side can make all the difference and separate you from the competitors. Impress your customers with custom graphics and a professional looking logo, provided by Blue Studio62.

No matter what your graphics need is from banners to postcards, logos to favicons, and everything in between, Blue Studio62 is up for the challenge.

Read on for more information regarding our graphics services.


Logos are an essential piece to the puzzle when establishing your brand. Our team will work with you to create the logo you envision and provide you will the necessary files to use it, not just on the website, but on the rest of your marketing materials as well. You only have one chance to make the first impression with your customers, make sure you have a professional looking logo from the start.


What exactly is a favicon? Ever notice the small images on your browser tabs? That’s a favicon. Once your logo is complete, we can also create a favicon that correlates with your logo. This can help set you apart from the herd. It may seem like a small piece of the website but it can have a big affect.

Other Graphics

Sometimes, a logo and favicon just isn’t enough. Blue Studio62 is equipped to handle your other graphics needs as well. With the explosion of social media, sometimes a custom graphic design image is needed for a cover page, a profile photo, or a variety of other social media marketing reasons. To get a custom graphic design for your marketing, simply talk to your consultant, tell us what you need, and we will deliver!

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